Julie and Rich are living examples of a couple truly living their most authentic lives. They offer each other loving support while maintaining their complete individuality within their relationship. Their transparency and honesty in sharing candidly about their differences in perspective and how they navigate the divide has been an inspiration to many people across the globe.

He's physical and she's spiritual. Together they balance each other to reach a more refined and grounded field of connection. Their authentic portrayal of the life struggles they endured to become more of who they are within their relationship permeate everything they do. Their brand of authenticity is inspiring to many - young, old, married or single all alike.

Rich Roll is a world renown ultra-endurance athlete, wellness advocate and public speaker. His best-selling book Finding Ultra has inspired thousands of individuals from all walks of life to live their most authentic life. In 2012, Rich launched the wildly popular Rich Roll Podcast, which has amassed a devoted, global audience with over 20 million downloads and counting.

Julie Piatt aka Ananda SriMati is a spiritual guide, host of her own podcast, vegan chef, and singer songwriter (she plays in a band with two of her four children). In 2015, she and Rich co-authored their best selling cookbook, The Plantpower Way. They have been profiled in The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal as leaders in living vital, healthy and authentic lives.

Leaders in the wellness field, Rich and Julie have devoted their lives to supporting and positively impacting individuals find their authentic voice and live connected meaningful lives. Together for over 18 years, they have managed to find the beauty in their struggles and thus a deeper bond through the dark times.

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